Unwind and Relax — Easier Said Than Done


It’s been a while since I last wrote on here. I’ve been trying to balance out life since I have a new one it seems. I, like many people, have a hard time relaxing and unwinding. I have a mild case of anxiety that I refuse to take medicine for so I try to naturally relax. Sometimes it’s easier said than done but here are a few ways that help me, I hope they help you too.

  • Drinking hot herbal tea helps me after a long stressful day. It helps me collect my thoughts and unwind.
  • Playing with my dog helps me tremendously. Poppy Sue is a little angel sent from heaven and she makes any bad day 100x better.
  • Listening to music and dancing is my fun way of unwinding. Bust a move and dance like no one’s watching (literally).
  • Breathe. Sometimes just taking a deep breathe and closing your eyes is all you need to restart your day.
  • Yoga is the best form of exercise for relaxation. I do hot yoga every so often and when I do I feel so rejuvenated and my anxiety is gone.
  • Reading has been my saving grace since I learned how. Anytime I need to just relax and unwind, I pick up a book and read a story that is normally fiction and I get lost in a different reality.


  • Caffeine – if you’re like me then caffeine only heightens your paranoid mind…skip the coffee and drink green tea.
  • Avoid electronics as much as you can. Social media is part of that as well. We have to stop living our lives through our phones. Life is short and its over before we know it.
  • Stop allowing stressful situations to happen. Say what you mean and mean what you say. You can relax and unwind knowing that you are confident in what you do everyday and that what you say matters.

I hope these are of use to you and I hope you can allow yourself to relax and recharge. Life gets stressful and it’s easy to neglect self care. You are all you have and you HAVE to take care of yourself. I used to care so much about what others thought of me and I would invest so much time in trying to make them happy when I was only beating myself down in the long run. Invest in yourself. You won’t regret it.

“Wildflower; pick up your pretty little head,
It will get easier, your dreams are not dead.”
― Nikki Rowe

Brooke Paige

Insta: @brookesblazing      FB: Blazing Brooke’s

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  1. I found this so helpful! I have anxiety as well, so it’s always nice to try different ways to unwind and relax.

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    1. Aw I’m so glad this helped! ❤️

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