How do You Voodoo? All Hallows Eve Edition

Dress – Depop app (got it for $10 but is normally $40-$50) but you can get it at Walmart as well | Fishnet Tights and Gloves and Glitter Spray (for your hair) – Walmart | Eyeshadow – Jaclyn Hill Palette by Morphe | Lips – Kylie Cosmetics in Dead of Knight (no longer available) and  Mary Jo (I used this on my lids as well to make the red pop more) | Boots – Charlotte Russe

In case you couldn’t tell from the clever caption, I was a voodoo doll this past weekend for a Halloween party at my friends place here in Nashville. My handsome boyfriend was a witch doctor and yours truly did his scary skull face makeup. We went with a New Orleans vibe this year as our costumes and we got so many compliments on our look. I had quite a few people tell me how cute my makeup looked as well and I even did some of my friends makeup for them before the party started. We had an absolute BLAST at our friends party and I must say I have some very creative friends. The costumes ranged from Black Swan to Lola Bunny to Evil Clown. I was very impressed with everyones costumes and creativity they put into it.

Halloween is tomorrow and it seems like just yesterday it was New Years Eve. Yet, here we are with only two months left of 2017!!! Time is going by so fast and although I wish I could slow time down, I must say, I am really enjoying this crazy journey called life.

❤ Brooke Paige

Insta: @brookesblazing      FB: Blazing Brooke’s

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