Overall Takeover

OverallsH&M (mine are sold out currently but linked is a similar style) | ShirtAgaci ONLY $4.80! | ShoesConverse

I remember when I was little, overalls were the bees knees. They have reappeared in the fashion world and I am so excited.  Well, I had been looking for the perfect pair of black overalls for fall but could not seem to find, “the one.” FINALLY after trying on a pair of light denim overalls that I wasn’t in love with, I saw an employee in H&M wearing these exact black overalls. I stopped her and screamed, “I LOVE YOUR OVERALLS! WHERE ARE THEY?” She laughed and pointed me in the direction of them. I tried them on and it was magic. I had finally found a pair that fit me perfect and didn’t break the bank (only $35). I paired them with a soft blue crop top (only $4.80) and black high top Converse. It gave the overalls a pop of color while also giving it an edge.

Now, I’m on a search for loose fitting dark denim overalls. So far, no luck. Let me know if you know the perfect place for me to pick up a pair!

Go over to my blog insta for a giveaway I’m having! It’ll be going on until 09/29 and it’s a lot of makeup goodies that you’ll want to have for the fall season.

❤ Brooke Paige

Insta: @brookesblazing      FB: Blazing Brooke’s

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