Curly Punk Style

I have the curliest hair (thanks mom) and I used to HATE it. I would burn it to its core every day to achieve the sleek look but to my disadvantage it would always just curl right back. I didn’t give up though. I continued to destroy my hair because I was so unsatisfied with my vivacious curls. My mom was right back then when she said, “the older you get, the less you care.” Fast forward years later, present day, I hardly ever put heat on my hair now. I embrace my curls aka I’m too lazy to style my hair these days so curly hair don’t care it is!

I used mostly all Alexis Vogel makeup products for this look.

Shirt- TJ Maxx

Jeans- Hollister

Shoes- Journeys (brand Converse)

*dog not included

Anyone else have a really messy vanity? Mine stays a mess, just like my hair.
A photo of spring springin’ in Nashville, TN.

I hope y’all liked my post about my curly hair and my favorite color wardrobe, black. Make sure to follow me on my social media platforms for upcoming giveaways/details on makeup and clothes.

Insta: @brookesblazing      FB: Blazing Brooke’s

“You are far too smart to be the only thing standing in your way.”― Jennifer J. Freeman

❤ Brooke Paige


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