Manic Mermaid Monday

It’s a rainy day here in Nashville so when Mondays are just to manic to bear, wear a mermaid shirt and call it a day. I am a mermaid so naturally I have a lot of mermaid decor, clothes, and an actual mermaid tail. I also have friends that accept me for my mermaid ways and one of my great friends bought me this shirt at Goodwill because she knew it would speak to my soul (it did).

Mermaid shirt– Goodwill

Bomber jacket- Molly Green

Pair with high top Converse (any color would look great) and a lace chocker!

I’ve been MIA lately but I’ve been very busy with work and also decluttering my apartment. My boyfriend and I were going to buy a house here in Nashville but have decided to stay in our apartment one more year after failing to find a house that we both would fall in love with. We are going to try next year (maybe) but we love where we live now so we are happy with our decision.

I have next on the blog a review of some handcrafted spa products from Naked Earth EsScentials, so stay tuned!

Insta: @brookesblazing      FB: Blazing Brooke’s

“I think I love the rain because I’m a mermaid that lives too far from the ocean.”

Brooke Paige

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