Organizing & Crafting

Not to toot my own horn but I’ve been pretty crafty my whole life *toot toot*. Both of my grandmas were and are very crafty people and have been since I can remember so I think I got the genetics of craftiness from them (at least thats what my mama says *waterboy*). Below are just a few ways I have organized and crafted this past month.


I work from home so my desk gets…well you see for yourself so then I turned it into this magic below.

I decided to put an end to the madness and bought some gold bins from Michales to make my life a little less messy. That’s all it really took to transform my work desk (and I got a new laptop hehe)


I randomly found a milk bottle at Michael’s that was just a plain ole’ regular milk glass until I transformed it like this with aerosol glue spray, glitter I had lying around, and white acrylic paint that I used my finger to enhance the cow and the word, “dairy.”


One day I was randomly searching diy Dollar Tree organization videos on Youtube and fell in love with this video because of all of the affordable cute ways to revamp a room. I got two different vases instead of two of the same ones and two different colors of the rocks because I’m wild. She has more ideas other than this one but this was my favorite! link: Radiate


Here is a picture of my pup doing yoga with me. Well she is mostly just getting in my way while I’m do yoga but isn’t she so cutie? Anyway I hope this helped spark your imagination for ideas of organizing and crafting. Youtube and Pinterest pretty much teach me all of my ways so use those tools if you feel like you need more assistance. Send me some of your crafty ways and lets be crafty friends. ;D

“With organization comes empowerment.” -Lynda Peterson

Brooke Paige

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