Camo? For the Forest or the Fashionistas?

The worlds most unknown question…is camo for hunters in the deep dark forests or the semi-confused/brilliant fashionista? Both work but I’m going to go with the second option (naturally).

Camo jacket- Forever 21

Bodysuit- Urban Outfitters the one I got is sold out but I found one that will work just as well

Black skinnies- Hollister

Boots- Urban Outfitters


Eyes- Alexis Vogel Velvet Shadow in Euro and Morphe’s The Little Palette by Elena Gant in Mama Drama

Brows- Alexis Vogel Retro Cake Liner (not really for your brows but it works wonders)

A little snapchat fun before the adventures of the night began.

The night was fun and started with sushi, wine, then to vodka redbulls, then to excessive dancing, walking in the cold over a snowy bridge, more dancing, more walking in the cold, ubering home, pizza devouring, and good conversations.

The Pink Lady roll from Sushiyobi in Nashville.
It was about 14 degrees this night and we walked about a mile. Regrets.

See, you can wear camo and it can look cute and not like you want to hunt a deer. You’ve just got to pair it with cute items (in my case all black and lace) to spice it up. Pretty much anything can look cute if you pair it correctly, besides flare jeans…that never looks good with anything.

“Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.” — Helen Keller

❤ Brooke Paige


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  1. Loving the jacket 😍❤

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