October Favorites<3


I have been wanting to do a favorites post for a while now but wanted to make sure I really loved the products before I reviewed them. Well ladies and gentlemen, I have found the strongest contenders and below you can learn what works for me which may result in what works for you.



I will swear by these products for life. Both of these are samples I received from my Ipsy subscription and I LOVE THEM. I have very sensitive/dry skin so these products work wonders. The Vasanti Face Rejuvenator does just that, it rejuvenates and brightens your face to the heavens. It leaves my face feeling so smooth and it is noticeably brighter after I wash it away with warm water.

The Promise Organic Facial Lotion is what I use after the face wash and my goodness does it work. I’m so weirded out by many lotions because it breaks my face out but my face is so dry so I always feel perplexed. With this product, it’s the best of both worlds. My skin is hydrated and it’s so light that I don’t have to worry about breaking out. Buy these products if you don’t already have them, you will not regret it.


hairperfume haircare

Y’all. This hair perfume and hydrating mask will make your hair smell like nothing you’ve ever experienced. Both have different aromas but combined WOW is all I can say. First things first I am obsessed with Jessie James Decker. She is such an inspiration by literally everything she does. She’s an amazing mother, wife, singer, and business woman. Her line Bless Your Hair hair perfume (sold on target.com) is such a sweet and refreshing scent and lasts so long. You need just one spritz and you are set for the entire day. I have Honeydew but she also sells a scent called, Sweet Magnolia.

I have always been fan of Garnier but when they came out with their new Whole Blends Hydrating Mask in Honey Treasures I was sold. It is such a great conditioner that leaves your hair silky smooth and smells so honey delicious.



When I went to Oktoberfest I found a booth that smelled like what I imagine a sea in Greece smelling like. Weird but true. It smelt so good and fresh that I just had to stop and buy something. I bought two soaps and my lawdy are they great! The business is called Naked Earth Esscentials and is run by a very nice lady named Jeanette here in Nashville. I got the Caribbean Queen artisan soap (not available yet on her website) which smells exactly like its name and I got the Roasted Oatmeal Honey Stout cleansers and this smells exactly like fall. Support local businesses and try this all natural way of cleansing.


I will be doing these monthly featuring products that are my favorite of the month. Jeffree Star has inspired me to do this. So thanks Jeffree for being super cool and inspiring me daily.

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