Your Typical Fall Post ft. Fall Favorites

That’s right my fellow fall loving friends. It’s my fall favorites tiiiime!! If you didn’t know I am a recent fall lover. Yes, how shocking. I used to only love summer but as I’ve grown older and wiser I’ve learned to appreciate all seasons. I’m fortunate enough to have lived in Kentucky my whole life and now Tennessee where each state gets to experience the bliss of every season. ❤


This wonderful magic of goodness is served at Le Peep here in Nashville. This caramel macchiato is only 185 calories but it feels so sinful. It’s the perfect size (a bit on the small side but I don’t like large drinks lol). If you haven’t tried this and you live in Nashville or remotely close run right now and get you one because it’s probably the best coffee I’ve ever had. Yes. EVER HAD.

Le Peep address: Belle Meade Galleria, 5133 Harding Pike B6, Nashville, TN 37205








Some say I’m dramatic and most say I’m overexcited about things. I am both of those and with that I will say this vanilla caramel swirl candle from Village Candle is the best candle I’ve ever smelt. It literally smells up all 1200 square feet of my apartment. These hand towels are also super cute. I wanted something more colorful than most fall decor gives you so this was perfect. It also has my favorite color, turquoise meshed in there which was dope. I got these two wonderful products for such a great price. This candle is $20.50 on but I snagged this wonderfully scented product for only $9.99 at the MAXX.








I am so proud of my mantle, it’s creepy but bright. I got the black spooky tree at Target for about 3 bucks. I got the cute Bride of Frankenstein grape soda at World Market and I had every intention on drinking it but I thought it looked better on my mantle. The black and blue skull flower is also from World Market.


All items on the outside of my door are from Walmart. The wreath was about $20, the decorative pumpkin was about $10 as well as my cute rug.

Also, if you haven’t checked out the Dollar Tree I suggest you do. I got so many other cute Halloween decorations for you only a dollar a piece. I love decorating for the holidays. I never realized how fun it was to decorate for fall but my goodness it is. I’m glad I didn’t go another year hating on the colder weather. I hope all of you learn to appreciate the things you cannot change and find the beauty in things you never thought you could. Life is so much more fun when you enjoy every aspect of it.

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” ― Eleanor Roosevelt

❤ Brooke Paige

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