FALLing Into Positivity

The highlight I use is Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in Moonchild. It is my go to highlighter because look how I gleam-y I am.

Summer has come to an end. Here in Nashville temperatures are reaching a chilling 5o degrees at night. Brrrr but yayyy. I used to only like summer. I wasn’t much for any other season but as I’ve grown older I’ve learned to love all of the seasons. I mostly feel this way because fashion is really dope in the fall and winter. Layers on layers and mens shirts is where it’s at for me my party people.


OuTfIt DeTaIlS ———-

Tank- American Eagle Outfitters

Jeans- Hollister (high rise dark denim)

Shoes- Carlos Santana at Famous Footwear 

Choker- World Market

Can we just talk about how cool it is that Carlos Santana has a shoe line? You go Carlos Santana!

 —Recent life lessons—

I’ve just recently started a no negative energy in my atmosphere trend. I am typically a pretty positive person but I have been known to be not so nice and a little brutal about certain things. Why? I’m not sure, obviously something was lacking in me to make me think it was ok to say hurtful things even if I meant them in a non hurtful way. I’ve learned to bite my tongue, see different perspectives, and just all l around respect every single human being I encounter. I may not agree with everything a person does but who cares? If it isn’t directly affecting me then why should I care or bad mouth what that person is doing. I say this all the time but in the past week I’ve learned life is short and we don’t have long on this planet. While we are here, love, live, respect, be kind, be generous, be you but be the most positive version of you. Please step up with me and join me in my challenge of no negative energy. Negativity gives you wrinkles. 😉

“What you think you create, what you feel you attract, what you imagine you become.”

❤ Brooke Paige

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  1. vivalaViv says:

    You look stunning!! Recently I started using liquid eye liner and because I’m new to it (I know, I suck when it comes to doing make-up myself…), so it made a mess to my eye make up half way the party. I’ll still practice on how to wear it and I admire girls/women who do it well – and you are one of these people!!

    Vivienne X

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw thank you so much!! I’m sure it looks great on you ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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