Anastasia and Converse

converseAnastasia and Converse, the perfect combination some would. I got my groovy shirt from the Converse store in the mens section in size extra small. My dad bought it for me and he bought himself some cool looking shirts too. Army chic is very in right now so I HAD to have this one. I also wasn’t digging the ladies section so I joined my dad and boyfriend on the gentleman’s side and found this gem.

With that being said, just because I’m a woman doesn’t mean I cant shop in the mens section and vice versa for men shopping in the womens section. Androgyny fashion is something I relate to a lot. Androgyny is the combination of masculine and feminine characteristics. Some days I will wear a dress and other days mens shirts with jeans and some Converse or Vans. I’ve never dressed super girly so I’m glad that I am never judged on the fact that mens shirts make me feel comfortable. I am comfortable enough to step outside of societal norms and wear what makes me feel great!

— OuTfIt DeTaIlS —

Shirt- Converse store (I looked online and couldn’t find it so I think it’s only available in stores)

ChokerWorld Market — comes with a set of 3!

Liquid Lipstick– Anastasia Beverly Hills in Catnip

“A great mind must be androgynous.” – Samuel Taylor Coleridge

❤ Brooke Paige

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  1. lovely post!

    I have a giveaway going on over at my blog: win a mac lipstick of your choice, eye shadow palette and two chokers! Link to it is here:

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    1. Thank you! Sweet! I’ll check it out✨

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    1. Thank you doll!!


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