Halsey—-The Badlands Tour


Halsey, otherwise known as Ashley Frangipane, is one of my most favorite artists. Her lyrics are deep and powerful, she is a unique soul, and her voice is different and relaxing to me. She is an up and coming artist that I have been listening to for over two years now. I introduced Halsey to my friend shortly after discovering her and she became just as addicted to this girl who was about our age who sang lyrics that resonated with us. We finally got to see the woman who made DeeDee and I have endless conversations about in concert. It was INSANE. It was AMAZING. It was worth the 3 1/2 hour drive to and from.

deeandme Accurate representation of Dee and I.

Outfit Details ——

Dress- Urban Outfitters 

Shoes- Plato’s Closet

Jewelry- Varies but I got the choker from Forever 21

*DeeDee got her flower child outfit all from Plato’s Closet ❤

We had the best time at this concert in Indianapolis, Indiana. We made so many friends at this place and danced the whole night away. We also made it a promise to come back and explore the city because it was filled with all kinds of art and sculptures. We had no idea how cultured Indianapolis was and we love art and culture; it’s one of the many reasons Dee and I are spirit animal(z).

The Tent.

The Tent was one of the cool art designs we saw on the way to the concert venue. DeeDee and I were both fascinated by the height and variety of colors of the design. I looked up what it meant and it was a gift from a festival and it was meant to capture the movement and the excitement of the community of Indianapolis coming together. Click the link in the beginning for more information on this gnarly design. 


Halsey was so amazing live and put on the best show! She had amazing graphics that were behind her while she was signing her heart out. During her set she said she didn’t expect the crowd of Indianans to be as into the songs as we were. I would have thought that too had we not explored a little and ran into so much artistic designs but this city has a lot to offer. I’m excited to go back honestly. I’ll leave this blog post saying that we as humans and Americans need to explore the world we live in more. I think it would shock us all to see what each city has to offer. The more traveled you are, the better the soul feels. 

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“You were red and you liked me because I was blue. You touched me and suddenly I was a lilac sky and you realized purple just wasn’t for you.” -Halsey

❤ Brooke Paige

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