Spanish Tortilla and my Spanish Adventure


So this one time…in college..I studied abroad and it was so fun! *sorry I’ve just recently watched the American Pie movies again.* In all seriousness though I did actually study abroad in the spring/summer of 2014. Two years ago my eyes were opened to a brand new culture. I was just a 20 year old small town girl. I had just moved that last summer to my college town. I hadn’t explored the world quite yet. I was in culture shock HARD. I had just started dating this one dude at the time and I was all sad and blah blah blah. Well, I shortly got over that and had a blast! I met the most amazing people that I still keep in touch with to this day. I also got to meet some of my Grannys family that lives in Madrid, Spain so that was super cool. I got to swim in the Mediterranean Sea. I got to take shots with Europeans at a one Euro shot bar. Let’s just say Spain was life changing and I will never forget those precious memories.

I wanted to share a recipe that I was given while in Salamanca, Spain. My host mother had made it for me and my friend, Amy one morning and we were in love. The day that we were all supposed to go to a cooking class and learn how to make it me and two other people on the trip were at a families house that owned a quesería which in English is a cheese shop. The family and I are still Facebook friends to this day. They were so inviting to us three Americans interviewing them. Did I ever mention I am a journalism major? Well, if I haven’t, I am lol (as a career I do markleting and advertising but my blog feeds my writing soul). The study abroad program was focused on interviewing people plagued by the economic crisis that still haunts Spain to this day. Although I spoke about 2% Spanish, this family made me feel right at home and they were so nice. We spent the whole day with them and the quesería owners kids that were about our age took us three to the local gas station to hang out with them. I got on top of a mans car with a red cape (ya know, the ones Spanish matadors use)…don’t ask. We missed the cooking class but one of the girls on the trip gave me the recipe. If you want to know how to make Spanish Tortilla then keep reading. I will also have more pictures from my trip below the recipe.

Spanish Tortilla Recipe:

  1. Get about 6-8 potatoes. 6 if they’re large and 8 if they are small. Peel them and cut into small squares
  2. Put olive oil in a pan and let it get hot (add enough that it will almost cover your potatoes)
  3. Cut up onions in a bowl (I didn’t have onions so I used the seasoning, minced onions
  4. Cook cut up potatoes on medium-high heat for about 15 minutes in oil covered and occasionally stirring. You want them to get a soft golden brown color
  5. Mix up 4-6 eggs in a separate bowl. Add a little salt and a little milk (use your instinct on as the Spaniards do). I used red pepper seasoning as well and it made it a tad spicy which I loved! Mix well
  6. Drain oil from potato pan and mix the egg mixture and potatoes together. I let my mix sit for about 10 minutes so the potatoes really soaked up the flavorIMG_5225
  7. Add more olive oil to the pan (not as much just enough to cover the bottom). Add mix to the pan and cook on medium heat 3-4 minutes on that sideIMG_5227
  8. This step is tricky…. the directions read “Put a plate on it and FLIP (good luck).” Basically what you are doing is placing a plate on the top of the pan and flip to where the uncooked side is on the plate and then slide the uncooked side back in the pan. Just like the recipe says, good luck.
  9. Cook on medium heat 3-4 minutes on the final side
  10. Give yourself a pat on the back and enjoy your delicious meal


I hope this helped you learn how to make this and if you make this or have made this please comment because I would love to see your take on the Spanish Tortilla. Keep reading for more pics and fun facts about Spain!

Spain Pictures:

This was at the quesería and I of course fell in the love with their puppies.
Overlooking the beautiful city of Salamanca, Spain.
Photo taken by the talented photojournalist Alyse Young. Look her up!
The Plaza Mayor in Salamanca, Spain. This is the towns main square.
Somewhere over the rainbow a girl fell in love with a city thousands of miles away from home.

I can’t wait to go back and I most definitely will. It is one of the places where I found myself. I know that sounds cliche but it’s when I realized I could do anything. My parents were great and instilled in me that I can do anything I set my mind to but I had never really felt that way, if that makes sense. Being in Spain was surreal and I knew as soon as I had climbed a random rock in the middle of the ocean (it was scary) that even though I am little compared to this big bad world, I can do it. I can do anything. I hope you get to  feel like that at least once in your life.

“I am not the same, having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world.” – Mary Anne Radmacher

❤ Brooke Paige


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  1. worldwidewanderingblog says:

    Some stunning photos – you’ve made me want to add Salamanca to my bucket list!

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    1. Thanks so much! It’s a beautiful place and so historical. I definitely recommend it!

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