Fringe and Pink


Fringe is fun and super chic. I’ve always dug fringe. Something about the wispy leathery straps seem like a good idea to me. As you can see I’m trying to add more color to my life, it is spring after all and sometimes spring (and hot weather) requires more than black…shocker, I know. I’ve recently found this fringe vest from Target that I looove and have been pairing with everything that my style eye seems fit.

Outfit Details:::

Vest- Target//brand is Mossimo

Tank- Old Navy

Pants- Forever 21

Shoes- Forever 21



I’ve been trying to wing it with winging it lately (haha get it…). I use tape sometimes to get them to look semi-even but I’ve learned to just use liquid eyeliner first. By that I mean draw your wing out THEN use your regular eyeliner for the top lid to attach to the wing. Sometimes you have to drag out the wing more than you wanted to but it normally always looks smexy.

Liquid eyeliner- Sephora 

Lips- Colourpop– Koala

Overly edited picture to show more detail of my brow and eye makeup.
If you haven’t noticed I only post on Wednesday’s but that doesn’t necessarily mean I wont post more often than that. I just find Wednesday to be a nice in between day to post because it’s in the middle of the week and everyday that isn’t Friday or a Saturday can seem like a drag.




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ā¤ Brooke Paige

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