Denim on Denim


When I say denim on denim I hear a gasp of appall as the words spill from my mouth. It is an uncommon thing but it shouldn’t be because it 9 times out of 10 looks groovy. I am a vintage lover so when I get the courage to wear something that was popular in a different decade I’m all on that in every way I can be. Style is about being brave but being comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing. If you’re too scared to try denim on denim, wear it to the mall or the movies before you and your bad self introduces it to the world. Then if you feel crazy cool while testing it out bring it out in front of your friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, cat, etc. and watch the crowd go wild. 🙂

Outfit details::::

Shirt: Plato’s Closet//brand is Forever 21

Flannel: Tilly’s

Jeans: Dillard’s//brand is Celebrity Pink Jeans

I’m not wearing shoes in this picture but I wore grey Vans that I bought from Journey’s.

Plaid and Denim

Duck face selfie<3 I took this picture to show the versatility of my outfit. It had gotten a little chilly so I wore flannel on top of my denim on denim outfit and it looked super cute!

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❤ Brooke Paige


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