Vacation Food is the Best Food

The beautiful view we had at Phillippi Creek Oyster Bar.

Food. The best part of vacation. You get to eat at new and unique places you’ve never been before, you get to try delicious and different treats, and you get to be one with the natives. It’s always fun trying new things and even though I am notoriously known to be a picky eater, I will try anything once. With that being  said, here are a couple of food reviews from Sarasota, FL restaurants and cafes.


Phillippi Creek Oyster Bar: 

This was delicious! It was deep fried oysters with buffalo sauce and sour cream on top.
Grilled shrimp with a baked potato. coleslaw, and hush puppies.

Is your mouth watering yet? It should be. This place was amazing, a little pricey, but amazing. The food was great and I normally don’t like oysters but those suckers were tasty. The shrimp was succulent and juicy. My boyfriend got crab legs and he gracefully shared and I loved those as well. I would definitely recommend going after spending the day on the beach (that’s what we did).


The Coffee Loft:


The Coffee Loft was very warm and inviting. I loved the chill vibe it gave off and it was decorated so modern hipster chic(my fave). My boyfriend got a free drink because as soon as you walk in there is a basketball hoop on one of the doors that says if you make it you get a free drink. He wanted to play and he scored! The next day we went back so he could get his yummy and fresh smoothie.

Ham apple with cheddar cheese panini and a raspberry latte.
This wall is a small tribute to the organizations they support.

The panini was magical. The apple was baked right into the ham and cheese causing a reaction I can only describe as an emoji with heart eyes. The latte was just what I needed before I went and relaxed on the beach. My boyfriend got a strawberry, banana, and mango smoothie and that was just pure perfection.

Read more about how the non profit business helps their Community by having a portion of their earnings give back to their area. I love small businesses so that was so refreshing to see that they care about their community so much.


Final Thoughts:

What a great experience to have on our first road trip together (my boyfriend and I). We had a lovely time with lovely people and lovely food. I will never forget the experiences I had while in Sarasota and neither will my taste buds.

❤ Brooke Paige

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