Foooood…Review~*~J. Alexander’s – Redlands Grill

The view from where we were sitting at Redlands Grill.
The view from where we were sitting at Redlands Grill.

I’m doing it. My first food review. I love food, all types of food; I am not prejudice against any food group (besides blue cheese and calamari *gag*).

I’ll do these every so often because remember I’m trying to reinvent Blazing Brooke’s by being random and versatile, remember?

2609 West End Ave
Nashville, TN

My mom and I ate here for lunch and it was amazing! It was a little pricey but we expected that because come on, it’s J. Alexander’s.

First off let me say that the service was amazing. Our server let us both try kale because we had never had it before and the only way to explain the taste is spicy lettuce, weird but intriguing. Our server catered to all of our needs and we were very pleased.

Now the best part…the food! We shared the Spicy Hawaiian Roll and OMG was it good. It was a mix of sweet, spicy, and salty. The tuna was Ahi tuna and it was different than I expected. I’m used to canned chicken (don’t judge) so it was refreshing to see what raw tuna looked like and I was surprised it was so flavorful.

Our yummy Spicy Hawaiian Roll.
Our yummy Spicy Hawaiian Roll.

We didn’t get anything very fancy for our entree. I got the Original Caesar Salad and mom got the Southern Salad. Let me start off by saying the portions were HUGE! It wasn’t the best caesar salad I’ve ever had but I’d give it a 7/10. Mom’s chicken in her salad was slimy and I didn’t love it so I’m glad I didn’t order it but she enjoyed so good for her because it was expensive ($16 LOL).

An artsy picture of our large salads.
An artsy picture of our large salads.

Overall, I’d give this place a 8/10. I know that if I had tried something more filling that I would have loved it because I looked at the other peoples plates and errrrthang looked tasty. Also, the view of the Parthenon was spectacular which helped my rating. 🙂

I wish I had tried more so I could tell you more about it but sadly I wasn’t that hungry when I went and this is my first review so be easy on me. Let me know if you liked this and if it helped you narrow down the many places to eat in Nashville.

❤ Brooke Paige

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