Post Valentine’s Day Post

 I could bore you with the details of my Valentine’s Day extravaganza. I’ll spare you the sappy story. (it was great and is continuing into the next day because I’m in love and my boyfriend is amazing).

I want to talk about the concept of Valentine’s Day. Why is there one day out of the year where people shower the ones they love in gifts and attention? It’s such a nice refresher to be shown how much you mean to someone on this particular day but why is a random day in February? I have always loved Valentines Day but as I get older I wonder why Valentine’s Day is a thing. Why is this one day so important? After a little research this is what I found.

There are a bunch of different stories but reoccurring them was about a dude named Valentine during third century Rome who was a hardcore romantic. One story is he continued to perform wedding ceremonies after the evil emperor banned it for young single men to get married so they could fight in war. Another story is he helped Christians escape Roman prisons. Lastly, and my favorite is Valentine sent an actual “valentine” to a young girl who visited him while he was imprisoned. Before he died he allegedly wrote her the letter signed, “From your Valentine.”

He was put to death at the end of all these stories, more than likely on February 14th (harsh). Poor guy was just trying to show some love. I also saw some stuff about a goat sacrifice for an old Valentine’s Day ritual but that was weird so I’ll leave that out.

I was still curious about this heart filled holiday so I had another question…why is there a naked baby named Cupid that targets butts when shooting his love arrows?

I’ve always been interested in mythology so I know about the god of love, Eros. He was always shooting people with arrows. Basically the reason Cupid looks like a baby is because over time people didn’t want him to look like a hot Greek god. I personally would rather be randomly shot by a hot guy with chiseled abs than a creepy looking flying baby…just saying.

Moral of the blog post is that Valentine’s Day is a weird holiday. It’s been dissected and manipulated to what it is today. So, I say do what you want on Valentine’s Day. Make it what you want it to be. That’s what every person in history has done with everything anyway.

If you’re single don’t be sad, you’re too fabulous to be burdened by waxy chocolate and wilted flowers anyway. If you’re taken, tell the one you’re spending this holiday with (and everyday) how much they mean to you and eat that waxy chocolate and smell those wilted flowers with a big smile on your love struck face.

Love is year round and should be celebrated daily. Maybe just be extra nice the whole month of February though. 😉

*look out for my next post about outfits and makeup for date night*


❤ Brooke Paige



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