Slow and Steady

wild winter, warm coffee☕️
wild winter, warm coffee☕️

I’ve said it before, the infamous (I’m baaaack) but I’ll spare the annoying yet catchy phrase.

Yes, it’s true I have returned after a long 9 month (to this day) hiatus. I can say I was busy with graduating and well…dating which is all very true but still no excuse to neglect my duties as a fashion blogger.

A lot has happened since my last post. I graduated college! I got a boyfriend! I moved to Nashville! I got a big girl job! And along the way I lost my passion for writing. Weird right? Usually exciting stuff makes you want to write more but nope not me, I was “too busy” to keep up with a blog. So sad.

Like the title of this post slow and steady wins the race. I’ve been wanting to revamp Brooke’s Looks for a while now but my heart wasn’t in it. Thanks to my spirit animal(z) DeeDee, she helped me find the inspiration I so desperately lacked. She simply said, “You’re a bad bitch. You’ve got a story.” LOL she’s a hoot. I plan on doing a blog post about her one day.

The all wise Dee also said, “Small changes, big results.” So, ta-da. Brooke’s Looks is now Blazing Brooke’s. I’ve changed it quite a bit since the last time you all saw it; I wanted to give it a little edge to it.

Blazing means to burn fiercely or brightly. We are all meant for more than mediocrity. We are meant to burn fiercely and brightly. We are meant to be different.

I don’t know what the theme of my blog is going to be but I know it will be eccentric and powerful. It may not be a famous blog but it will be dear to me. Enjoy the weirdness of my life.

❤ Brooke Paige


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  1. Teresa Lancaster says:

    Your my little movie star rock at love you your amazingly talented and beautiful just sayin big hugs

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love you Teresa!!! Thank you, I love you and you’re the rock star😘


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