Boyfriends Shirts<3



*As you can see in the picture my boyfriend and I got kittens. They’re brothers and are both very wild.*

Wearing your boyfriends flannels is love. I all the time where my mans flannels 
because I always pack the wrong clothes and his flannels are nice and smell soooo 
good. Wearing oversized flannels is the way to go. You can be trendy and comfortable 
all at the same time!

Shirt: boyfriends flannel so 'twas free
Scarf: The Blue Heron in Cadiz, KY. It's a cute little boutique in my hometown that I 
worked at before I moved for college. 
Jeans: Hollister
Shoes: Journey's// brand- Not Rated
All together cost of look: around $50
Jewelry/hair/makeup suggestions: wear statement earrings and rings, they will 
complete this outfit. I wore my hair down and straight but a nice big curl or a cute 
up-do would also look grool (great and cool combined). Makeup should be subtle 
and natural. You're already looking sexual enough with ya boys shirt, you don't 
have to cake it on to look groller than you already do. (Sorry I'll stop saying grool...).

Boyfriends are fun. They are cuddly, smell nice, they see you makeup free 
and hair a mess but still love you, and they let you borrow their shirts. 
Well, at least the good boyfriends do these things. I've got quite the catch and I must 
say he rocks those flannels; the flannels that I steal hehe. 

<3 Brooke Paige

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