Business Casual



Business casual. What a fun way to dress when you’re out of ideas. It says “hey, I’m classy but I’m also comfortable” There’s nothing more than I love than comfort when it comes to fashion. You can still dress up while dressing semi-down. They’ll never know that the blazer you’re wearing feels like Egyptian cotton sheets and is keeping you warm from the blustery weather.

Blazer– JCPenny// bought it a long time ago probably paid between $20-$30

Shirt– Walmart// bought it for my two day Cracker Barrel job. It was a little boy’s shirt in XL. It was about $10

Jeans– Hollister

Shoes– Journeys// brand- Not Rated

All together cost of look: around $80. This can all be found cheaper though. I see blazers and oxford shoes being sold really cheaply in all kinds of different stores. Remember shop smarter, not harder and always accessorize. Gold jewelry screams class.

It’s not hard to dress with class, simply throw a blazer on and you look like you’re going to a business meeting a NYC skyscraper. If you want it to be more fun then throw on a wild color blazer like bright turquoise or neon pink. That will scream “hey, I’m wearing a crazy colored blazer because I’m wild…but also professional.” Class isn’t hard to achieve in the fashion world my friends.

❤ Brooke Paige

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