Back in Black

Photo by Brooke Paige.
Photo by Brooke Paige.

This photo is without my black cardigan.

Photo by Brooke Paige.
Photo by Brooke Paige.

This photo is with my black cardigan.

Photo by Brooke Paige.
Photo by Brooke Paige.

This photo is with my black cardigan AND black peacoat.

If you know me you know that I enjoy the many different varieties of clothes that are black (or if you’re fancy you can call it noir which is french). I feel more comfortable with the shade of black warming my skin. No, I’m not gothic or “emo,” but I would say that I enjoy black more than the average sorority girl. Black clothing is slimming and goes with anything, why wouldn’t you wear black as much as possible is my question to the non-black wearing haters. In the picture above I show the many layers of black that I wear to complete my outfit for these cold winter times. This is versatile outfit and is mostly applicable for early spring and fall/winter seasons but hey, if you’re okay with a little sweat then by all means rock this is the summer too. For summer time wear though I would ditch the leggings, cardigan, and peacoat, but keep the long sleeve black shirt, boots and scarf, then add some dark denim daisy dukes. Stylin’ in all seasons.

Long sleeve black shirt: Forever 21

Scarf: Charlotte Russe

Leggings: Meijer

Boots: Sears// brand–Bongo

Cardigan: Forever 21

Peacoat: Victoria’s Secret

All together cost of look: around $60-70 excluding the cost of the coat. The coat was probably around $100 but my sweet mother got it for me for Christmas a few years back. I have found that you can find super cute peacoats at Forever 21, American Eagle, and even Charlotte Russe for a pretty reasonable price. I also can guarantee that Target or Meijer would have peacoats for a great price. Remember, you don’t have to buy top brand things in order to be stylish my friends.

My favorite color happens to be turquoise so I like to incorporate that in my outfits sometimes with either a beanie in that color or even a shirt. I also happen to like black a lot so I like to incorporate that in my daily life. If you like something wear it and don’t let others influence the way you dress. When I was in high school I hadn’t quite found out who I was as an individual. I wore clothes that didn’t make me stand out because I didn’t want the attention on me. After high school I branched out and became the woman that I am today. I evolve everyday just like every other human. We sometimes limit our potential so that we don’t seem different to others. I’m different in more ways than just my clothes (all my close friends and family can attest to this), but fashion helped me with my self-confidence when I finally started dressing the way I wanted to and didn’t care if I would be thought of in a certain way. Hipster, emo, fake, prep, country, rock star, ghetto-fab, casual; whatever you’re labeled style is (I don’t care for labels by the way) is great and what you will be in the future is even better. Humans change everyday and that’s okay because without change there is no progress and without progress what is there to look forward to? I have a quote I found that I’d like for you lovelies to ponder on this week.

“Progress is a nice word. But change is its motivator, and change has its enemies.” -Robert Kennedy

Change is necessary for growth and you may get judged for it but hey like the wise Taylor Swift once said…haters gonna hate. 😉

❤ Brooke Paige

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