Photo by Brooke Paige.
Photo by Brooke Paige.

I’m baaack. Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I went on a hiatus I guess you could say but I have returned to you my virtual friends. I’d like to dedicate this post to vintage clothing. I for one love vintage clothes, I’ve mentioned it in an earlier post about loving those super groovy grandma cat sweaters. Well, my mommy dearest has some cool clothes that she kept from her rockin’ days in the 80’s and I’m as giddy as a schoolgirl.

Over the years I’ve become a lot more comfortable with my eclectic fashion sense. I like my moms Ozzy Osbourne concert t-shirt that is way too big on me. I like big sunglasses that make me look like some type of exotic bug. Heck, I even like studded out denim jackets and pairing it with denim jeans. I rock some weird stuff but if you know me then you know I’m a weird person and I mean that in a positive light. It’s fun being different than my group of friends. I have zero friends who wear as much black as me or who rock their mom’s old school concert t’s. They accept me for my rocker chic style and I accept them for their girl next door personas/fashion sense (all my friends have a cute style, if you ask me though they could use more black).

In this outfit posted above is my moms sweater from the 80’s that she had when she was about 14 or 15 years old. As a 21 year old woman rocking that, the sleeves were a little short but most people would probably think it was made that way (it wasn’t). The reason I liked it so much is because on the left side of the pocket there is a “B” and what do ya know that’s the initial of my first name; what a funny coincidence. Also, on the right pocket is the year “86” which was a pretty gnarly year because that is when Madonna released that catchy tune, “Papa Don’t Preach” and most importantly it’s when my girl Oprah Winfrey started her very own show that lasted for a beautiful 25 seasons.

Moral of this post is:

1.) Vintage is cool.

2.) Rock vintage in all ways possible. Do like Macklemore and pop some tags (go thrift shopping).

3.) Oprah is my hero

and lastly 4.) Everyone’s style is unique so wear those bold prints or soft prints if loud isn’t your style, proudly. It took me years to be comfortable with my style that differed from my friends. Being different is what makes the world go round though so remember that when you pass up a cat sweater.

❤ Brooke Paige

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      Thanks doll! 🙂

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