Music Recommendations

Anyone who knows me knows I love all and every type of music. I seriously like it all besides disco and I do have an exception for disco and that bands name is ABBA. But for real who doesn’t love ABBA? I’m going to list a few albums that I am in love with and want to share with the world so that you may too fall madly and deeply in love with these hot tunes.

Screenshot by Brooke Paige.
Screenshot by Brooke Paige.

1. Issues

This band is AMAZING! I saw them perform live at Warped Tour and OMG were they wild and super fun. If you’re into pop/alternative/screamo music then this band is a must listen to. I recommend the tracks, “Late,” “Tears on the Runway, ” and “Disappear (Remember When).” *Disclaimer* If you have just went through a recent break up this might will bring unstoppable tears.

Screenshot by Brooke Paige.
Screenshot by Brooke Paige.

2. Hoodie Allen

A good friend of mine got me hooked on this Hottie McHotties rap ballads about two years ago. This is a screenshot of his new album which I recommend getting but check out his older stuff too such as, “No Interruption,” “No Faith in Brooklyn,” and “Casanova.” He creates music that makes you hit repeat and then break into interpretive dance…judge me.

Photo by Brooke Paige.
Photo by Brooke Paige.

3. Taylor Swift

We all know who T-Swizzle is but this album is different from all the rest. It’s ALL pop and ZERO country which is fine by me. I loved country singer Taylor Swift but she grew up and this is what she wants to do now so all power to her. She’s doing a mighty fine job at it I must add. My favorite tracks are, “Style,” and “All You Had To Do Was Stay.” *Side note* This entire album is about Harry Styles (lucky betch).

Screenshot by Brooke Paige.
Screenshot by Brooke Paige.

4. Paul McDonald and Nikki Reed

I saved the best for last based on one song. “Watch Me,” is the best song I’ve heard in years. It’s an unbelievably good song. The entire album is really great but this song hit me hard. Nikki Reed, best known for her role in the Twilight Saga has such a sultry, jazz voice, it is truly captivating. I also think it’s so strange but professional that this duet is actually going through a divorce. Awko taco but hey they made some pretty sick tunes through their heartbreak.

I hope this helps you all find your new favorite song. If you have any music you’d like for me check out shoot me a comment or email me at!

❤ Brooke Paige


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