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Photo by Brooke Paige.
Photo by Brooke Paige.

It’s beginning to feel a lot like fall here in Kentucky so I would suggest breaking out the stuff you will be judged for wearing when the temperature drops to an unreasonable degree (haters gonna hate). Dresses! I for one don’t normally wear dresses just cause of the fact I am unfortunately clumsy and wind seems to do bad things to items that flow off of me; picture Marilyn Monroe as the gust of air is blowing her dress up ever so gracefully, yeah, mine looks nothing like that,..anyway rock those dresses before you have to put them away for a few months or wear them with material that suffocates your legs, aka: tights.

Denim shirt: Aeropostale (they actually sometimes have super cute things for cheap such as this for $10!)

Dress: Rue 21 (a friend gave me this for free but I would guess it would be $20-$30)

Boots: Steve Madden (shout to my mom for buying me these expensive shoes; ain’t got nothing but love for ya)

All together cost of look: between $130-140

This was a super comfortable look and I didn’t have a crazy wind gust experience because the dress was kind of form fitting.

I like to mix and match layers which you can see with the light denim shirt and the candy pink dress. It gives it a nice touch without taking it overboard. It’s fun to play with patterns and colors. I’ve realized over the years that experimentation is the best way to pick your favorite outfit. You never know how great you will rock that outfit if you never try it on. Have fun with it and show off your signature style with fun and different prints and let the world see your radiance/fashion sense. <—-accidental rhyming 😉

❤ Brooke Paige

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  1. love this outfit! xx Megan

    Liked by 1 person

    1. brookepaige93 says:

      Thanks doll!


  2. Faith Lee says:

    Love the dress and paired with that button up is super cute!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. brookepaige93 says:

      Thanks so much Faith! 🙂


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