Outfit of the Day<3

Photograph by Brooke  Paige.
Photograph by Brooke

Click the picture to get a better view 😉

     Here is my first outfit of the day post. I will be regularly posting my outfits and let you know where you can find them if they make you warm and fuzzy inside.

Shirt: Forver 21

Leggings: Victoria’s Secret

Boots: Steve Madden

Messy room: Courtesy of my chaotic life.

All together cost of look: anywhere between $150-175

I would describe my look as rocker chic (many friends have told me this so, I embraced the name and own up to it always), but this outfit could work for anyone. It was super comfortable and it wasn’t too hot or too cold that day, so I was comfortable. The boots are so cute but definitely need to be worn in before you backpack through the Grand Canyon.

Accessorize lightly with this kind of outfit. As you can see I have a few bracelets and that went well with the outfit, a small pair of earrings and a ring would look fine, but NO necklaces.

❤ Brooke Paige



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