Brooke’s Looks Formal Introduction

Hello fellow bloggers and onlookers, my name is Brooke Paige* (my alias name). Blogging is not new to me but the way I’m going to start blogging is. You see, I just deleted all my blogs so I can start fresh (I’m an impulse deleter). I want to talk about things that actually interest me.

I am a senior in college right now on the way to getting my Bachelors degree in News/Editorial Journalism; you could say I have a passion for writing, but I have another fabulous interest as well…FASHION!

I love all things fashion and I can attest to the fact that fashion changes everyday. I for one used to wear jeans and t-shirts at all times..what a boring life that was, but now I’m much more experimental. There is nothing against those who prefer some baggy denim and an old worn vintage tee but spruce that up a bit by accessorizing or carrying a handbag that screams, “I’m a tomboy but I need somewhere to put all of my shit, hence this sexual bag.”

Sidenote***I’m a very independent person and some some would say I can come off strong, but I’m just simply a woman who knows what she wants. I say what I feel because it’s unhealthy to bottle things up. ;P ***End sidenote

This blog will be dedicated to fashion, beauty, trends, hot topics, and my love of writing. It’s an eclectically fabulous mix but it will surely suffice in the indulgences of many. I promise to not waste your time filling the posts with endless words that drag on and on and on (I’m good at doing that), instead I’ll give you what you want to hear because time is precious and we’re all busy little bees.

           <3—Brooke Paige

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  1. Dink says:

    Can’t wait to read more! Love the Blog…. oh and your First Outfit 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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